Grupo ng mga Divers, Nakadiskubre ng isang Lumubog na barko na may Nakatagong Malaking Sikreto.

Talagang napakahiwaga ng mundo, maraming mga bagay na hindi pa natin nakikita na talagang kahanga hanga. Sa paglipas ng panahon, ang dagat ay napabilang sa isa sa mga misteryosong lugar o parti ng mundo. Maraming mga Scientists at Divers ang naniniwala na marami pang hindi na re-reveal na kagandahan ang dagat at mananatiling isang malaking adventure ang pagsuong dito.


Isang Mister Napaluha nang Makita sa CCTV ang Ginagawa ng Kanyang Asawa sa Kanilang Anak Tuwing Nasa Trabaho siya.

Batang Inabandona at Palaboy noon, Nagtapos ng Summa Cumlaude at Isang Ganap na Scientist sa Amerika.

Bride, Nagulat ng Sumulpot ang Dating GF ng kanyang Groom na naka Wedding Gown sa Mismong Araw ng Kasal.

Sa taglay nitong lawak at hindi maabot na kalaliman, marami ang naniniwala na may mga mahihiwaga pang mga hayop at lugar na makikita dito.

Katulad na lamang ng isang di inaasahang na diskubre ng mga divers sa ilalim ng dagat.

Ayon sa artikulong trendingnewsinnet.:

Group of divers in canada have made an outsized stepping stones for scientist and specialist due to what they need discovered. It all started during 1800s, when a person named John Franklin lead the expedition for the 2 large ships named HSM Erebus and HMS Terror.

Later on, the events would mirror the second ship’s name, bringing countless question for tons of individuals for hundreds of years .” Back range in Britain , the buddies and family of the crew waited with bated breath for his or her loved ones to return.Years passed and that they heard nothing …. Until finally in 1859 a chilling note was found that gave some clues on what may became of them .” TBT wrote.

The letter in question was found on king William Island in 1859, and it exposed the dark fate: the ships had been abandoned in April of 1848, and Captain Franklin himself had gave up the ghost almost a year earlier, in June of 1847 “ it added. Years later , HMS Erebus was located along side some artifact left inside the ship. Only the HMS Terror left and that they would finally find a solution to their wonders.

But what they saw after discovering HMS Terror some years after was tons more horrifying but amazing at an equivalent time.Turns out , the ship indeed sank but it had been perfectly preserved under an iced ocean! consistent with Adrian Schimnowski,spokesman for one among the search parties,” If you’ll lift this boat out of the water and pump the water out , it might probably float.” After assessing the depths and every one the factor needed before diving down , they managed to travel deep and revive the ship and find its tools and other things in fitness ,as if it didn’t encounter any disasters before. consistent with Meaghan Bradley, spokesperson for Parks Canada , “

The invention of HMS Terror would be important for Inuit communities and Canada , reflecting the continued and valuable role of Inuit knowledge within the search and making a big contribution to completing the Frankling story.”