Goodnews: More than 330,000 people have RECOVERED from covid-19 around the world.

Sa kabuuan ang covid-19 ay may naitalang 1,496,055 positive cases sa ibat ibang panig ng bansa at mga nasa 336,780 katao naman ang gumaling ayon sa Johns Hopkins University.

Naitala namang nasa 88,981 ang bilang ng nasawi sa nasabing virus. Ibig sabihin na nasa 23% ang naka recover sa mga na diagnose sa covid-19 at patuloy pang nadadagdagan araw-araw.

Ayon pa sa Daily Mail:

Up to 80 per cent of cases of the virus are thought to be mild enough to treat at home, meaning they are not being counted among the infection or recovery totals.

The country with most recoveries is China, with 77,678 people recovering from the virus, followed by Spain, Germany and Iran.

Keeping pace with the recovery, China this week eased the lockdown of epicentre city Wuhan, 77 days after it went into strict lockdown.

People who have been certified as healthy are now allowed to come and go freely, though temperature checks and home visits from medics are being carried out to insure there is no second wave of infection.

European nations are also carefully plotting their routes out of lockdown, amid signs the worst outbreak of any world region could be easing there.

Underlining the difficulties, French epidemiologist Jean-Francois Delfraissy said: ‘To end the confinement, we’re not going to go from black to white; we’re going to go from black to grey.’

But politicians and health officials are also warning that while deaths, hospital admissions and new infections may be levelling off in places like Italy and Spain, the crisis is far from over and a second wave could hit if countries let their guards down too soon.