Baba Vanga,Blind Mystic Predicted the Covid-19 and population confinement worldwide

Coach at dating Bulgarian gymnast na si Nechka Robeva,73, ay nagpalabas ng isang nakakakilabot na rebelasyon sa social media, ayon sa kanya:

Vanga predicted the coronavirus pandemic when she visited her, just before she died at 84.

“This virus also came to us,” Robeva posted on her Facebook profile. “Aunt Vanga predicted when I visited her years ago: ‘Neshka, the Crown will be upon us.’ I didn’t realize what those words meant then. ”

Ayon sa British Daily Star Newspaper, si Robeva na nagtetrained ng ilang Bulgarian rhythmic gymnasts na naging World Champion, ay lumabas at nagsabing the word “Crown” means “custody or protection” in Bulgarian and is related to the Russian leadership within the country So he assumed Vanga’s warning meant that Bulgaria would be controlled by the Russians.

“It was only now that I realized it was Chinese flu. Let it disappear easily, ” concludes a former Bulgarian gymnast.

Dagdag pa ng Infinity Explorer:

In addition to what she told Robeva, Vanga mentioned the virus in the 1970s when she predicted that around the end of the first decade of this century, there would be an epidemic of a deadly new disease that would spread worldwide and kill many persons. She even said that the virus would start in China. She also noted that a vaccine would take a whole year to develop.

The also known as “Nostradamus of the Balkans“ predicted a dark 2020, saying that Russian President Vladimir Putin would be assassinated in the Kremlin and that the President of the United States, Donald Trump, would suffer a brain tumor that would leave him deaf or dead. Vanga also predicted Borís Yeltsin’s second electoral victory, even warned him about his heart condition.

Not to mention that in 1989 he warned of the “horror” for the United States, saying that “the American brothers will fall after being attacked by the steel birds . ” And 22 years later these “birds” were the planes used in the terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001 . Experts in the field claim that blind mysticism had an 85% success rate with its predictions.

Sa ngayon hinaharap natin ang totoong propesiya,sa kasamaang palad, araw-araw ay may mataas na bagong bilang ng infected at namamatay sa covid-19, at ang totoo di natin alam hanggang kailan ang kapangyarihan ng covid. Kaya minsan mas mabuting mamuhay nalang tayong ignorante sa mga nangyayari sa mundo.