Watch: China Wakes Up To 5 Suns In The Sky ,”The Heavenly Vision” they say.

At this time where the World is facing Global Pandemic due to the covid-19 outbreak, some places of China specifically inner Mongolia ,Woke up to five suns which left them amazed.

What a spectacular wonder! Five suns are seen shining in the sky in N China’s Inner Mongolia,” the video shared by People’s Daily, China was captioned.

This is an elaborate optical illusion and a rare phenomenon which requires temperatures of minus 20 degree Celsius.

5 halos of sun connected to each other in the sky formed a giant circle that quickly made many citizens relate it to the coming of the end.

According to Bibliatodo News:

As an exact date, it happened on February 14 and lasted about an hour and a half. According to the people who live there, they expressed that there was a giant circle in the sky and another 5 suns that connected to each other.

“The door to heaven is open,” said a student who witnessed the moment, which they call as “A heavenly vision.“

“Wuhan is raining a lot and it will soon cool down to 16 ° C. Tomorrow it will snow. It’s almost spring, but it’s going to snow in Wuhan. Hubei is in a large area. Rain, rain and thunder and thunder! God shouted, “said a man named Liu with references to the snowfall and rain in Wuhan on February 14, the Asian newspaper Sound of Hope reported.

What many people witnessed belongs to an optical phenomenon called “parhelion” (sundog or mock sun). It is an atmospheric optical phenomenon that consists of a bright spot to one or both sides of the Sun. It is the product of low temperatures when there are many hexagonal ice crystals floating in the atmosphere, these reflect the sunlight and automatically create other suns on several sides.

Watch the video: